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Do you ever looking at sunglasses online or try on ever pair instore and walk away...I've been there. Hopefully, the below will give you some insights on what to look for. 

Now, I have to disclaim this blog post. My sunglasses aren't ordinary sunglasses and I have never wanted to add rules to them. However, I want you to be more confident 

Now, let's start at the beginning. You need to ask yourself, what is my face shape?

Do I have an Oval face shape?

If so, lucky you! Most frames will suit your face shape due to your balanced proportions. you lucky B***CH!

Go Bold! Look for oversized frames like the Gaya or Tyra. Steer clear of narrow frames to maintain your natural balance. Look for frames that are as wide as, or wider than, the widest part of the face.

Is mine Heart-shaped?

A heart-shaped face has a wide top third and a narrow chinny chin chin...

To reduce the apparent width of the top of the face, choose frame shapes that are wider at the bottom. Ideally round or oval-shaped sunglasses. The goal is to draw attention to the top of the face.

Consider frames that are slightly wider than your forehead to add even more beauty and balance. The Zilant, Lily or Punch will be your go-to styles.  

Is mine an oblong face shape..?

Oblong face shape is longer than it is wide and has a long, straight cheek line.

To make an oblong face appear shorter and more balanced, look for frames like the Linda or Venus are winners. These bold frames will give structure to the face.

Do I have a square face shape?

It's hip to be square! You might be thinking at this point, we've gone back to playing block at primary school... well come back, we have some outfits to plan!

You have jawline for days and a forehead for broad-way. To make a square face look longer and softer, try narrow frame styles like the Rutile or Lisa.

Large round sunglasses will also soften the square and add a nice balance. Pull off the Jean or the Punch.

Do I have a Diamond face shape?

Diamond's, Rhinestone's, Swarovski's... you're at the right place. Many glasses frames suit diamond-shaped faces. Diamond-shaped faces are the rarest face shape and are characterized by their full cheeks and narrow forehead and dazzling jawline. 

The best look for your face shape is a rimless or oval frame with a strong brow line. Claudia or Zoe will help balance your face and highlight your favorite features.

Play up your unique features with any frame shape. You're already rocking a rare face shape, so take it all the way. 

Lucky last, the round face shape!

There are many glasses shapes that suit round faces. Look for styles where the proportion is relatively equal in width and length to your face. Kept it, balanced baby!

Sharp-angled frames like the Catherine or Maria will add a little extra definition and depth. Avoid small and round frames so your features don’t become lost. Bye Felicia, who!

As always if you need any help picking out a pair, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. 


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